Marketing a Monster

Workshop Exercise

Facilitator reads:

Every January there is a discussion about which Super Bowl commercial was the best. Typically, the most entertaining, emotional, or comical commercials are considered. Here is an ad from the 1999 Super Bowl to consider.

Show video:

Use this link to view the video:

Facilitator asks:

From a marketing perspective, how would you rate this commercial?

Potential answers:

  1. It was entertaining
  2. I could relate to the children
  3. It had the viewer wondering what and who it was for.

Facilitator reads:

In 1999 the new dot com made its mark on advertising with an ad that not only got people talking, it resulted millions of job seekers and recruiters taking to their computers to input resumes and job postings. In short, it took a new, unknown offering,, and put it in the mainstream. What message did viewers actually receive? Allow discussion before reading this: According to focus groups the ad had a direct hit on those that were frustrated by their career or their present job. In fact, this was the point. The message was to convey that there are better jobs out there and was the website that would connect you to a better job.

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