Johnny Carson on Focus

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Johnny Carson was a TV icon as he hosted The Tonight Show for 30 years. Born in Nebraska, Carson did not let fame destroy his mid-west heritage as he interviewed thousands of stars from TV and movies, politicians, sports figures and musicians. Appearing with Carson would give a career a positive jolt or sell tickets and books because he was truly the “King of Late Night” television.

His success was not instantaneous. He started his career as a magician before joining the comedy writing team of the Red Skelton television program. He hosted an unsuccessful variety show, unsuccessful remake of the same show and only moderately successful game show host. Yet he was to become arguably the most successful television entertainer of his day.

“My success evolved,” Carson said, “Working at the business at hand ________.”

1. Each day.

2. For the first two hours of my day.

3. When ratings are down.

4. When times get tough.

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Johnny Carson was the undisputed “King of Late Night Television” as the host of The Tonight Show for three decades. As an NBC icon he was able to dictate the terms of his contracts in an unprecedented manner due to the simple fact that in some years his show provided more profit to NBC than the rest of the schedule combined. With strong Midwestern work ethics, the Nebraska native was able to make his job seem effortless.

But as easy as it appeared to Carson others would struggle. Joey Bishop, Pat Sajak, Joan Rivers, and others failed to be able to capture the late-night audience the way Carson did. What was the key to Carson’s success?

“My success evolved,” Carson said, “Working at the business at hand each day.”

While many professionals do just enough to keep their job (up to 75% claimed this in several studies) Carson worked diligently at coming up with the best jokes, comic routines, and guest relations. His work ethic compels all people to follow his example, especially those in sales and marketing.

Devote your efforts to finding new sources of business, following up on prior customers, and learning your products and industry trends.