J. R. Ewing on Integrity

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Typically, when we think about motivational quotes, we think of words to be taken in context. This is not always the case. A second type of motivational quote is known as back-handed wisdom. They can be plays of words, opposites or satirical sayings that make their point by understanding the background of the person making the quote.

Take, for example, J R Ewing. He was a ruthless fictional character played by Larry Hagman on the "Dallas" television series. To appreciate the wisdom of Ewing the hearer must know he was actually an immoral, ruthless businessperson. He was successful because of oil and dirty dealing that the character’s writers protected from the justice a regular businessperson would have experienced. Therefore, consider these through that paradigm.

One of Ewing’s most priceless quotations concerned his view on character.

“Once you lose your integrity, he said, “_________.” (Consider these choices and when you are done making you selection, scroll down).

  1. There is no looking back.
  2. You are liberated.
  3. Business is easier to conduct.
  4. The rest is a piece of cake.

"Once you lose your integrity," Ewing once said, "the rest is a piece of cake".

Ruthless and despicable people share this one trait - a lack of integrity.

Maintaining integrity is essential if one is to establish trust in their relationships. This back-handed wisdom reminds us that we must protect our integrity if we are to have any expectancy of a legacy that would make our children, friends and coworkers proud of us. But it is not just a legacy issue. Without integrity there is no trust and without trust there is no employee engagement with the organizational goals required for the organization’s growth – let alone sustainability.

The Ewing character was so hated by viewers that the most popular episode was one in which he was shot.