How to Promote Your Product on LinkedIn


LinkedIn, the powerful professional social network, is used to make connections for potential career moves, finding sources for products, seeking advice from experts, and by salespeople looking to link up to new customers.

As powerful as it is, many struggle getting results due to a lack of knowledge of how to best use the tool.

For salespeople, promoting their product or service is often the goal. But what many wonder what the best approach is to gaining maximum impact. By far the best way is to show you are an expert in your field. Self-promotion done for self-promotion's sake alone is transparent and typically boring to read. In fact, most readers will bail out of the story before finishing it.

Those successful in marketing a product or service are those that spend very little time writing about the terrific attributes they want you to buy and spend their words teaching others about a subject.

For example, if one wanted to establish themselves as the expert in the field of home security systems, they would have little luck in writing about the virtues of the system they are trying to sell. If they spend their time writing articles about the most common ways homes are invaded or the legal rights of a homeowner when finding someone uninvited in their home or common ways thieves get around home security systems they begin to get an audience of people anxious to learn more about protecting their property.

Once you have your message, post it in LinkedIn groups (no more than 3 per day) and on your home page. Also create a company page and highlight it there.