The floor of the forest

It is breathtaking to sit on the ground at the base of one of these gigantic trees. The mature sequoias tower into the sky as if reaching into the heavens. Despite the trees’ massiveness, rays of sunshine stream through the trees on a journey to the floor of the forest where they will, along with periodic rain, provide nutrients to the rapidly growing seedlings -- and to the undergrowth that will be fuel for a future fire!

The leadership lessons so powerfully demonstrated by the Sequoia tree are especially pertinent for contemplation in any leader’s life. What we see in the forest is an example of nature taking a leadership role for the survival of this wonderful species of tree.

The trees became leaders without placing personal interest above the interest of the forest.

They did not overcrowd those below them, though they easily could have.

They provide a lesson for all of us.

This is an excerpt from “Life’s Leadership Lessons” a collection of 53 anecdotal leadership lessons, each with an anecdote and the application of the topic in your everyday life. It is designed for use in weekly staff meetings or for personal development.

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