Franklin Prints a Speech

Ah-ha Moment

Benjamin Franklin was noted as being a creative inventor and statesman. However, few have heard what a great salesperson was. Just take a look at the true story below:

A gentleman by the name of Andrew Bradford had been awarded a contract to do all the public prepping for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The fierce competitive nature of Franklin prevented him from accepting this loss of business. After all, Franklin knew he was a better printer and faster than Bradford.

Franklin learned the governor was scheduled to make an important speech in Philadelphia. He took the opportunity to outshine Bradford. Using his best lettering on elegant paper Franklin quickly reprinted the speech and sent it to the governor’s office. Not only did the speech arrived at the governor’s office faster than Bradford’s, the quality was much more appropriate for a governor.

The governor was obviously impressed as the following year Franklin was awarded the contract!

Life Lesson: Be creative in building business