Double Your LinkedIn comments


Getting more profile views on LinkedIn is a direct result of your activity on the social network for professionals. There are many ways to be active, such as writing articles, endorsing other members, or using the update function. However, the most common way to generate activity is to comment on the postings of others.

One simple trick will allow you to take this powerful tool and place it on steroids. Here is a simple “How To”. When you receive updates from your connections or notifications of group activity the most common way to join in the activity is to post a comment to the article or update. By doing so your comment will appear on the pages of those with whom you are connected and those subscribed to person originally making the posting.

More than 90% of the postings people make reference an article on another website, such as a blog or news service, or have a live link to an article posted on LinkedIn. Either way the most successful users will go to that site so they can make an intelligent comment. But once they are ready to make a comment, they will close out the source article and place the comment only on the referring posting they were delivered by LinkedIn’s notification services.

To double your effectiveness, leave a comment on the source article and copy the response to your clipboard. After leaving it there you return to the original notification sent by LinkedIn and paste the same comment. This has the ability of doubling your impact as both places have different articles. In fact, if the original posting is on Harvard Business Review or Forbes, as most seem to be, these postings can draw an even greater response than LinkedIn because of their high subscription count.

Thus, with virtually no additional activity you have doubled your exposure.