Ditka: Perseverance

Quote Quiz

Mike Ditka was a popular head coach for the Chicago Bears (11 seasons) and New Orleans Saints (3 years). He holds the distinction of winning in two Super Bowls, 1963 as a player and 1985 as a coach.

Although his time with the New Orleans Saints resulted in a dismal records he was able to shine while coaching the Chicago Bears. During the 11 years he won almost two-thirds of the games and in 1985 managed the team to 15 wins out of the 16 game regular season. It was the grand achievable of rebuilding the team over a four-year period.

Ditka understood how to win and how to select talent that could produce a winning record. But he also knew what it was like to lose. What better person than Ditka to identifying the difference for us. “You’ll never be a loser,” Ditka said, “until _____”

  1. You start believing your critics
  2. You lose interest
  3. You quit trying
  4. The fat lady sings on your grave

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Looking for a new job can be one of the most humiliating events of one’s life. With hundreds of job posting websites providing thousands of job offers it has become very easy to apply for positions. In any given day you can apply for a half dozen or more positions to which you know you could do a great job.

But you do not get called in for an interview.

It can be easy to give up and leave the job market entirely. Mike Ditka, who won two Super Bowls in his 14 year career cautions about giving in to the humiliation of applying without call backs. “You’ll never be a loser,” Ditka said, “until you quit trying.”

Despite the seemingly endless rejection you need to heed Ditka’s words and keep up the search.

After all, Ditka recalls, he did give up once. It was in 2004 when he had an opportunity to run for the United States Senate against Barack Obama. The conservative Ditka feels that if he had run he would have kept Obama out of the White House.