Dangerfield on Leadership Style

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Consistently getting people to laugh with jokes that make the listener laugh then apply the message of the joke to their personal life is a talent. Nobody was better at it than Rodney Dangerfield (1921 - 2004). He would turn any room into a sea of laughter with his catch phrase, "I do not get no respect".

His comedy would be a show stopper when he visited Johnny Carson as his stand-up routine would move from the stage to the interview area.

Like most entertainers, who double as businesspeople in order to manager their career and image, Dangerfield knew the secrets of effective leadership.

He said “Every time I start to look out for number one, ____________”.

  1. Something bad happens.
  2. I step in number two.
  3. I bump into a wall.
  4. My wife tells me my number’s up.

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Rodney Dangerfield may not have gotten any respect in the life he elaborated in his standup comic routine but he did have the respect of his peers. He was admired for his comedic wit and a unique style of delivering his jokes. Some of those jokes also apply in the role of leadership. Probably none other than a line he once delivered on the Tonight Show.

“Every time I start to look out for number one,” he said, “I step in number two.”

Leaders need to remember it when they start to look out after their own interests they will get into hot water with the team the lead. True leadership is about putting the team first by supplying the resources they need to do an effective job.

Effective workplace cultures have leaders who focus more on the success and future of their team than on their own success and future.