Conflict in the Parking Lot

Exercise with Video

Parking lot Here is a great call-to-order video for workshops covering conflict in the workplace. It offers a humorous look at the topic of conflict.

See the group exercise below the video.

Click the picture below or cut and paste the URL:

After playing the video the facilitator should ask these discussion questions of either small groups or the audience at large:

How did it start? What caused it to escalate?

How could it have been prevented?

Are there any positive outcomes?

If small groups are used, allow five minutes for group members to arrive at a unanimous group answer to each question.

Regroup your meeting and ask for answers from a group spokesperson. As soon as there is a hint of disagreement ask these questions of the whole attendance:

How did groups with an anonymous arrive at unanimity?

Did you detect people agreeing just to move on?

Did anyone just sit passively and let others decide on the answer or did everyone offer opinions?

This exercise should take a total of ten minutes.