Bricks: Handling Critics

Quote Quiz

Many Baby Boomers grew up hearing Chet Huntley and David Brinkley deliver the news nightly on NBC. The team was trustworthy in the eyes of their viewers that gravitated to the two-man show as opposed to the single delivery of Walter Cronkite on CBS. But the news business is not a kind business.

Those of differing opinions can and often will openly challenge your facts or reporting style. Brinkley turned a deaf ear to the criticism. “A successful man is one,” said Brinkley, “who can lay a firm foundation _________________.” Choose the correct quote ending from the choices below.

  1. Through intellectual thinking.
  2. From the bricks thrown at him.
  3. In ethics.
  4. Acceptable to the liberal media.

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Leadership of a company or a department can be a very lonely job when business is not going well. Developing a new business strategy to turn red ink into black ink will open one to loud criticism.

Of course, the criticism does not start with the new idea it starts when things first begin to go bad. By the time new ideas are polished enough to be presented the leader is probably already feeling pretty beat up. Unless the leader has been effectively handling the criticism it is doubtful the new ideas will be well thought out.

David Brinkley was part of one of the most successful broadcast news teams in television history. Delivering the nightly news on NBC with Chet Huntley he had established himself as an effective journalist.

After the team stepped down from the rigors of daily news Brinkley continued with a new interview program each weekend. “This Week with David Brinkley” allowed him to stay actively reporting but without the rigors of a daily newscast. The weekly interview program was much more of a challenge because unlike the nightly news, which was written by reporters and well edited, he had to speak without a script giving his critics much fodder with which to attack.

“A successful man is one,” said Brinkley, “who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks thrown at him.”

You can share the success of David Brinkley by applying these words to your career as a business leader in an effective workplace culture.