Breaking Marble

Keeping the right focus

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Dale Carnegie tells of meeting two men doing the exact job – helping break marble to be used in St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City.

The first man was absent a smile and seemed to be laboring very difficultly. Seeing this man’s struggle to find enjoyment in his work Carnegie asked him what he was doing. “I’m breaking up this marble so it can be used in this building,” he replied.

Later Carnegie asked the other man who was noticeably the opposite of the first. This man was whistling and smiling and swinging his hammer with much more enthusiasm. Carnegie once again asked the question. This time the answer was quite different. “I am helping to build this beautiful cathedral so people can come here to worship their Lord.”

Every great organization is only a result of each person effectively executing their role and responsibility. Always look for the ways your personal contribution are adding value. When you find it be proud of it. Yet never forget that no person’s individual efforts are as successful as they could be without the important contributions of the others in the organization.

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