In traditional management the boss calls all the shots and defines all procedures. These two things may have been important as the world moved from agricultural to manufacturing economies. But today many industrialized nations are moving from manufacturing to a service-based economy.

The contemporary leadership style prevalent in service industry management has also been successful at sustaining other industries, including manufacturing. Toyota and Southwest Airlines have shown the far-reaching applications of contemporary management. Companies such as Ann Arbor, Michigan’s Menlo Park, a creative think tank, have done well by redefining the empowerment, teamwork, and decision making capabilities to employees.

Bleedership refers to many of the remaining practitioners of the dated traditional management. They are sucking the blood out of their employees by sticking with tired leadership styles. Morale and productivity among traditional leadership companies are lower than those of their contemporary counterparts.

In terms of Sequoia Leadership, bleedership would be the equivalent of the sequoia trees growing branches so think and tight that no sunlight or rain would make it to the ground without the sequoia deciding how to disperse it first.

The newest generation entering the workforce is looking for contemporary management. They want their goals set for them and then given an environment wherein they are able to excel in meeting those goals. This is what they learned from the first day of kindergarten until the day they graduate college. Almost every learning activity was based on forming teams, giving them a learning outcome and then standing back to watch their creative juices flow. If your company’s leadership is sucking the life out of your employees, you owe it to your stakeholders to take a look at an extreme leadership style change.

This and many other new business terms are called Bizerms™ created by Max Impact. Each Bizerm™ is a play on words designed to get people thinking about the real meaning of old terminology or to give a visual image of a more truthful business implication of situation.

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