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Ah-ha Moment

A story is told about a day Benjamin Franklin was working at his Philadelphia printing company. A man was conversing with Franklin’s assistant as to the price of a specific book. The man thought the book was overpriced and when the assistant would not lower it the man asked if Franklin would come and talk to him.

However, as Franklin approached the desk he added another 25 cents to what his assistant had quoted. “Certainly, you cannot be serious, your assistant gave a price that was much cheaper.”

What was Franklin’s justification? Scroll down to find out.

Franklin replied, “If you have purchased it from him it would have cost less, but you have taken me away from my work and the longer we discuss this the more I’ll have to charge you.”

Franklin understood that time had monetary value. As such, it should be treated as an investment in one’s career, relationships, self-improvement, and other things that will treat each minute as an investment.

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