Ray Croc

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There many business leaders who achieved great success even though their name is not a household word. Once such person is Ray Croc (1902-1984). His company serves more than 75 sandwiches every second of the day and night and it is estimated between one in nine or one in seven Americans have worked for him at one point or another.

Who is Ray Croc? He is none other than the creator of the McDonald’s hamburger chain. Perhaps he is not known because Croc did not change the name of the fast food giant to his own when he bought the company. Instead he choose to leave the name of the McDonald brothers over the door.

That simple, humble decision resulted in the golden arches, each arch being half the “M” for “McDonald”, being the chain’s trademark. And a great trademark it is. In a survey by Sponsorship Research International the arches were recognized correctly by 88% of respondents. In contrast the Christian cross was only recognized by 54%.

Croc remained active throughout his days with McDonald’s and is responsible for the Big Mac and Egg McMuffin, which helped the chain grow very quickly. Croc always kept us company moving forward. “Are you green and growing,” said Croc about staying motivated for growth, “or _____________” (choose correct ending below)

1. Browning and frowning?

2. Ripe and rotting?

3. Withering on the vine?

4. Being pruned?

For the correct answer, scroll down.

Croc was over 50 years of age when he bought his first restaurant from the McDonald brothers in California. In an interesting philosophy on life he once asked, “Are you green and growing or ripe and rotting?”

Croc saw life is a series of personal challenges. His words tell us his commitment to lifelong education and taking on new adventures. When developing the McDonald’s chain it was a new experience for him. Although he was a businessperson and knew how to grow a business he had never ventured into the fast food business.

But he was able to use his knowledge and experience to develop the most successful restaurant chain in the history of the world. So, baby boomers, as you go through those endless job postings look through paradigm of some element of your past position and how you would like to take on a new challenge that utilizes what you learned and experienced in that small portion of your last job.

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