A Bald New Outlook

Ah-ha Moment

For many men, going bald is a major concern. For some it is a reminder of our vanishing youth. For others it is concern over of showing age in a business world increasing appreciating a new work ethic. For Fred it had different impact. Here is what Fred wrote in his journal for key dates in his life.

“Today was my thirtieth anniversary. As I looked in the mirror in preparation for a dinner with my wife I noticed my hair was thinning and the hairstyle of my youth no longer seemed appropriate. I changed my hairstyle and had a wonderful evening”

“My bride and I celebrated our fortieth today. While dressing up for a quiet evening to celebrate our years together I realized the flowing locks of adolescence had disappeared completely from the very top of my head. I used some dye to color what was left and felt good about myself again.”

“Today as my wife and I readied to celebrate a half-century of marriage I looked in the mirror and saw that I no longer had any hair. It is then that I realized a great blessing."

To see how it was a blessing, scroll down.

“I am saving a lot of time not having to comb my hair each day.”

How do you look at the uncontrollable things that impact your daily life? Could there be a blessing you do not see?

Life Lesson: Aging is inevitable. It brings with it many blessings.