This scene from the 2006 movie “Outsourced” drives the
point that words often mean different things in different
cultures. The premise is an American, played by Josh
Hamilton, they go to India to set up a call center. He must
teach the locals how to properly talk to customers but he is
frustrated because his new representatives use words that
have entirely different meanings in India as opposed to the
United States.

This video is a valuable tool for sessions concerning
communication, particularly when different cultures are
involved on either end of the message being communicated.
Do not think of it is just a tool for international settings. The
word “hookup” has very different meanings to baby boomers
(a casual meeting) and member of generation Y (sexual

This video is especially useful when dealing with these
Flats and
Videos  are perfect for coaching or for transitions
between segments of a workshop or as a call to
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