Every January there is a discussion about which Super Bowl
commercial was the best. Typically, the most entertaining,
emotional, or comical commercials are considered.

But if Super Bowl commercials are rated based on the
impact they have on business, there is one that far
surpasses expectations.

In 1999 the new dot com made its mark on advertising with
an ad that not only got people talking, it resulted millions of
job seekers and recruiters taking to their computers to input
resumes and job postings. In short, it took a new, unknown
Monster.com, and put it in the mainstream.

Use it as an introduction to discussion or as a call-to-order
following a break.

This video is especially useful when dealing with these
Monster: The Super Bowl Ad
Videos  are perfect for coaching or for
transitions between segments of a
workshop or as a call to order.
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