As the industrial economy becomes more global is much
more likely will have meetings with people from a variety of
different cultures. Dealing with the company headquartered
in another country it is likely you will meet executives who are
more familiar with the culture of their home country in the
American culture.

Although you can demand that all meetings follow American
cultural norms this is not a strategy that will lead to a
tremendous amount of international relationships. Instead it
behooves you to have a basic understanding of the culture of
the nation or region from which your guest, and hopefully
business partner or customer, before you begin your

In this video we see the most important elements one should
know what having a meeting with a company based in or
represented by middle Easterners or South Asians.

Use this video in a team huddle the day before your
international meeting. If it is an incredibly important meeting
invite someone from a local cultural center or a linguist or
translator to join the meeting. This is an important step that
will illuminate embarrassment or misunderstandings they
could derail any opportunity of doing business together.

Videos are an excellent way to make points or to call
workshop attendees back to order following a break.

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Videos  are perfect for coaching or for
transitions between segments of a
workshop or as a call to order.
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