You have undoubtedly heard the phrase, “A picture is worth a
thousand words.” Think about what impact those pictures
have once they are put back-to-back with other pictures – it
is like pictures on steroids. That is exactly what you get when
you use videos in presentations during workshops,
seminars, team meetings, conferences, coaching sessions,
or anywhere else you are trying to educate or enlighten

Although it is easy to transition from a
PowerPoint or other
media to revert to a video it is more professional to embed
the video seamlessly into your presentation. It is relatively
easy to do.

Just add a new slide (CNTL-M) and you will see several
options. Hover over them until you find the one that says
“insert video”. Typically, it is the last icon, wo if you are the
type to start at the end and work forward you will find it

When you click on it a menu pops pen that will allow you to
add a video from your computer or from
YouTube or similar
service. If you have an embed code for your video, just paste
it in where prompted.

Adding videos will invoke the use of another sensory point to
make your presentation more interesting and memorable.

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