When referring to the various generations in the workplace
when can become confused about which name to use. Our
most advanced seniors are generally considered to be part
of the builder or traditionalist generation they may also be
referred to as the “Greatest Generation”. Baby boomers
seemed easy enough to label but in recent years they have
been relabeled the “sandwich generation”.

Generation X seems unambiguous but it is the only
generation that is referred to using a capital “G”. Generation
Y can be called the millennial generation but the term
millennials also to their children and can be referred to as
generation Z.

Here are the answers to these ponderings. First there is no
governing body that determines the name of a particular
generation. Names become names or references based on
repeated use. Society as a whole, therefore, determines
how a generation is referred to. Baby boomers are
undergoing a small name change as they are generation
sandwich between taking care of their seniors while still
having their children dependent on them.

Millennials were first called generation Z as an alphabetical
progression generations X and Y. Somehow society
banded together and thought that the term millennial, which
was referred to generation Y, was more appropriate for
babies born around the turn of the millennium as opposed to
those we came of age during the millennium.

As for the capitalization of Generation X is simply because
the term comes from the proper name of a book. This is
unlike the other generations where the term is not a proper
noun, therefore not capitalized.

Therefore, it is proper to use whatever term society in your
circles is using.
Who names generations?
Where names came from