Eleanor Roosevelt was the wife of the longest serving
American President,
Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Better
known as FDR, Roosevelt knew that a strong first lady was
an asset. As FDR feel victim to his health, eventually being
confined to a wheelchair, she provided strength and
confidence to their marriage.

She attributed much of her persona to the confidence she
had in herself. A confidence that persevered even amidst
the controversy her husband would find himself surrounding
his very progressive agenda for America.

She brought her life concept into focus for us all when she
said, “No one can make you feel small _______________”

  1. Without your consent.
  2. When you are over six feet tall.
  3. If you believe in yourself.
  4. Others are providing encourage.

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Every office has one, some have two and others have a
plurality of them.

Who are they?

Negative people.

Many of these negative people seem to need to boost their
own self-esteem by damaging the self-esteem of their co-
workers. They destroy morale as they puff up their ego by
insulting other team members.

Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of former president Franklin Delano
Roosevelt, offered timeless advice to those with negative co-
workers or family members.

“No one can make you feel small without your consent,” said

As with anyone so prominent in the public eye Roosevelt
was constantly the object of blunt negative and positive
comments. An outspoken first lady she had to develop an
attitude that would allow her to keep the negative press. Her
answer was to simply ignore it.

Easier said than actually done, team members often are in
a position where they need to evaluate comments by other
team members or by other teams. If they make a positive
contribution take the comment to heart. However if they are
just hurtful with no redeeming value do not give someone
else the power to make you feel inferior.

In an unusual twist, Eleanor Roosevelt had the same name
before and after her marriage even though there was no
familial relationship other than their marriage.
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