Louis Pasteur (1822 - 1895) is remembered for pasteurizing
milk. In fact it was his work that enables milk to be
refrigerated and sold long after milking a cow. Without his
pasteurization process the dairy industry would look very

But that is only part of the story.

A chemist and microbiologist, Pasteur studied bacteria and
was able to develop vaccines for rabies and anthrax.

Pasteur's work extended lives and ended an amount of
suffering the extent of which will never be fully known. A
deeply religious man, Pasteur took nothing for granted.

Pasteur once said, “Chance favors _____________.” Can
you finish this quote properly? One of the choices below is

  1. The prepared mind.
  2. Christians.
  3. You if you keep trying.
  4. Thinking unconventionally.

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Louis Pasteur:
Problem solving
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