Dolly Parton made her mark in the country music industry but
could not be held to its limits. With her incredible talent
Parton wrote over 3,000 songs including “I Will Always Love
You”, which was a chart topper for both Parton and for
Whitney Houston.

Singing and writing were not her only talents. She also
mastered acting in the 1981 hit, "9 to 5", “Steel Magnolias”,
and “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas”.

As a business woman she built the highly successful
Dollywood theme part in the Smoky Mountains of
Tennessee. More than two and a half million visitors attend
the park annually.

Parton’s life was not always glitz and glamour. She grew up
as the fourth of twelve children in a family she described as
“dirt poor”.

Perhaps one of her secrets was her attitude.

She once said, “If you want to see the rainbow
________________.” (See the choices below to see if you
can select the correct completion of the quote).

  1. You have to keep your eyes open.
  2. It needs to be daylight in your heart.
  3. You need to put up with the rain.
  4. You need to keep looking up.

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Handling adversity
Dolly Parton