Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States,
had the challenge of leading the nation during the Civil War.
His leadership was impressive and he was known as a
strong and ethical leader around the globe. His Gettysburg
Address is considered to be one of the three greatest
American speeches along with King’s “Dream” and
Kennedy’s “Ask Not”.

His life was challenging however. He suffered through the
deaths of two of his children and his wife had some serious
mental challenges. There were struggles with political
divides not to mention the stress of dealing with the
execution of a war.

Through it all Lincoln was able to remain positive. Even
when asked a few days before his wedding to Mary Todd he
was asked where he was going he replied with a smile, “To
hell I suppose”.

He gave the key to his happiness when he said, “People are
just as happy as __________”

  1. Their experiences allow them.
  2. Their circumstances dictate.
  3. A nation made whole.
  4. They make up their minds to be.

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