Florence Griffith Joyner (1959 - 1998) was known as the
"Fastest Woman in the World" for setting two Olympic track
and field records during her career. She amazed spectators
with her speed and grace as she competed on the
international athletic arena.

During her career she won three Olympic gold medals and
two silver medals. As a female African-American Joyner was
an inspiration to young girls and black females in particular
due to her professionalism and attitude.

But as successful and admired as Joyner was she did not
want others to aspire to be like her.

“Do not aspire to be like me,” Joyner said, “Be better,

How would you fill in the blank?

  1. Shoot higher.
  2. Reach for the stars.
  3. Find your own path.
  4. Dream bigger.

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Florence Griffith Joyner