Lou Holtz is best known as the head coach of the University
of Notre Dame when they had a 12-0 season, resulting in a
national championship. But Notre Dame was only one of six
college football teams the television sports commentator
coached during his career. In fact, he even coached one
NFL team.

Holtz’s success did not keep him from remaining grounded
regarding the accolades poured upon him throughout his
career on the sidelines of the gridiron.

“You’re never as good as everyone tells you when you win,”
stated Holtz in reflecting on the positive comments he
received following his team’s victories.

But he followed that quickly with, “And you’re never as bad
as ______”

  1. Your rivals want their players to think you are.
  2. They say behind your back.
  3. They say when you lose.
  4. Sportswriters will opine.

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Lou Holtz:
Handling critics
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