Encyclopedia Britannica said in 2008 that he was the
greatest hockey player ever to live. Indeed he is known as
the "Great One" and greatness described everything about
Wayne Gretzky. He is the only player in
National Hockey
League (NHL) history to exceed 200 points in a single

In 1988, just after he lead the Edmonton Oilers to a Stanley
Cup victory, Gretzky was shopped to the Detroit Red Wings
according to his autobiography, Gretzky: An Autobiography.
But instead he was traded to the Los Angeles Kings.

During his 1,497 games in the NHL, Gretzky scored 984
goals due to his aggressive style of taking shots on goal.

“You miss 100% of the shots,” he said “you __________”

  1. Take using pool-table thinking.
  2. Never take.
  3. Line up perfectly.
  4. You take too soon.

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