Not every motivational leader has the fame of a Zig Ziglar or
Anthony Robins. But that lack of fame does not diminish the
power of the snippets they leave for coming generations.
One lesser known motivational speakers was Thaddeus
Golas who lived from 1924 through 1997.

Golas was an American author best known for his
bestselling book,  "
The Lazy Man's Guide to
Enlightenment". In this book he shows how to improve the
quality of life, to feel good and to determine what's real. His
message was one of self-awareness. He believed that by
keeping in touch with who you are you can be happier and
more productive in the workplace.

“What happens is not as important, said Golas, “as
________________”. Can you correctly identify the ending
to his quote? Choose from the choices below.

  1. How you react to what happens.
  2. The final results.
  3. What you learn from what happened.
  4. Future opportunities.

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Thadeus Golas