Ben Franklin (1706 - 1790) was one of the founding fathers
of the United States and popular businessman, politician
and inventor. Although most known for his creative ability to
develop new ventures such as the post office and libraries
and reportedly finding electricity in the clouds, Franklin also
owned businesses including a publishing company, book
store, and newspaper. However, his business knowledge is
often overlooked.

Known for his uncommon wisdom that allowed him to paint
pictures with a few words Franklin is often quoted – even
hundreds of years later.  One such word picture shows his
prowess in business.
“Beware of little expenses,” he said, “______”.
  1. Little often grows larger
  2. If you do not pay attention to small things, you cannot
    find success
  3. A small leak can sink a great ship
  4. Profit margins need to be controlled

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Of these potential answers only one paints a word picture in
typical Franklin style.
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Expense control
Ben Franklin