Without a doubt the most renowned business leader Detroit
has ever produced is Henry Ford (1863 - 1947). He
revolutionized the industrial age with his invention of an
assembly line where the product moved instead of the
workers. Today this seems logical but prior to Ford the main
part of a product was stationary and workers moved from
station to station for repetitive tasks. Ford not only saved
time and increased productivity it was favored by employees.

But with the assembly line came other problems, especially
as automation became more advanced. Wrong parts ended
up on cars, the line would shut down or parts would not be

“Do not find fault,” Ford would say, “____________”. Here
are some choices to finish the quote:

  1. Find a solution.
  2. Until you’ve looked at all sides.
  3. Restart the line.
  4. The line has restarted.

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Henry Ford