Peter Drucker (1909 - 2005) may have been an Austrian by
birth but he found fame as an American management
expert. His concepts were important in establishing and
developing the
contemporary management techniques used
in today's business world.

A book by Drucker would find it is way very quickly to the
best seller list as he developed a large, loyal following.
What made him relate so easily at every level of the
corporate ladder was simple. He knew one of the greatest
secrets of communication.

“The most important thing in communication,” he once said,
“is . . .”
  1. to know when to be quiet.
  2. to hear what is not being said.
  3. keeping conversations brief.
  4. keeping the conversation going if there is more to

All these choices are potentially good, but only one is the
great secret Drucker knew.

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Peter Drucker