Popular football head coach Mike Ditka led the Chicago
Bears for 11 seasons and the New Orleans Saints for three
more. He holds the distinction of winning in two Super
Bowls, 1963 as a player and 1985 as a coach.  

Although his time with the New Orleans Saints resulted in a
dismal records he was able to shine while coaching the
Chicago Bears. During the 11 years he won almost two-
thirds of the games and in 1985 managed the team to 15
wins out of the 16 game regular season. It was the grand
achievable of rebuilding the team over a four-year period.

Ditka understood how to win and how to select talent that
could produce a winning record. But he also knew what it
was like to lose. What better person than Ditka to identifying
the difference for us.

“You’ll never be a loser,” Ditka said, “until _____”
  1. You start believing your critics
  2. You lose interest
  3. You quit trying
  4. The fat lady sings on your grave

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Mike Ditka