Dale Carnegie will long be remembered for his practical
advice easily related to by anyone seeking to advance
themselves. His book, “
How to Win Friends and Influence
People" is still widely read today by people seeking to
improve their relationships and career.

He established the Dale Carnegie course which has taught
self-confidence to millions of people in multiple countries.
Widely misunderstood as a public speaking course this 13
week class forces people to expand their comfort zone.

Carnegie understood people and how to motivate them. His
wisdom was often different from the way people handled
themselves in the workplace. He was especially hard on
negative people.

“Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain,” Carnegie
said, “And _____________.” Choose the correct ending
from these choices:

  1. Most do.
  2. Then deny it.
  3. That hurts the process.
  4. Smart people do not listen to them.

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Negative people
Dale Carnegie