America has been blessed over the years with people that
were able to perfect the art of wit and wisdom in a manner
easily understood by both contemporaries and generations
into the future.
Erma Bombeck (1927 - 1996) was one of
these people. She wrote a newspaper column with a down-
home style addressing the challenges faced by housewives
and women in the workplace.

Her wisdom was timeless as expressed by her advice for
selecting a doctor.

“Never go to a doctor,” she said, “________” (select the end
of this quote from the choices below).

  1. Younger than you
  2. Whose office plants have died
  3. Without a diploma on the wall
  4. Whose office is dusty

Any of these could be good advice but only one shows the
wit and wisdom of Bombeck.

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application to today's business world.
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Erma Bombeck