Yogi Berra is a baseball icon being one of only seven
managers to win the World Series in both leagues. Most of
his career was spent in New York City with either the
Yankees or the Mets but his career closed out in Houston.

A member of the Hall of Fame since 1972, Berra is best
known for his witty (or witless) use of the English language.
"It is not over until it is over," is another of the "Yogiisms" he
has used to delight his fans.

One of the secrets to his success was that he was an
optimist in every sense of the word.

Berra said, “The future _________.”

  1. Ain't what it used to be.
  2. Lies ahead.
  3. Has not happened yet
  4. Ain’t in the past.

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Products and services are often treated as the children of a
business. They are coddled and nurtured as they grow and
at some point they become self-sufficient and less attention
is paid to them. This truth is most evident when reviewing
and updating a business strategy.

Kmart had a reputation among its vendors for
sticking with a particular product beyond that of other mass
merchandisers. Once on a plan=o=gram, they often
contended, it was a long term commitment to a product.
Customers often appreciated the certainty with which they
could find products gaining consumer loyalty.

In some cases the tie to a product can be dangerous.

The words of this Yogiisms are really quite wise. Products
and services, along with marketing plans, store locations,
HR policies, and other aspects of business need to be
unemotionally evaluated on a regular basis. Annually or bi-
annually is best.

Berra will be a part of the future for many years to come
through the Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center that
opened in 1998 on the campus of
Montclair State University
in New Jersey.
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