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When To Speak
Jack Benny
Jack Benny (1894 - 1974) was an American comedian and
notable violinist. He starred in radio, movies and vaudeville.
He was best known for being a miser and for having an
outstanding sense of comedic timing.

Benny masterfully moved from the audio media of radio to
the visual media of television, which proved a tougher
transition for others. The struggle was the nature of painting
a picture with words for a listener to creating a visually
stimulating experience for the viewer.

Regardless of the media he understood that communicating
a single joke or an entire storyline came down to one solid
truth of communication.

“It is not so much knowing when to speak,” he once said,
“But when to _________.” Choose the correct quote ending
from these choices:

  1. Let it alone.
  2. Pause.
  3. Shut up.
  4. Leave.

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