Every leader should understand that in every relationship, trust must be
established.  It's true that our grandparents’ generation gave trust without
question.  But today's world is different and trust must now be earned.

When we take a new position of leadership or when we receive new
employees on our team, the level of trust is completely dependent on the
other person’s impression of us.

Trust is dependent on four factors. I call them the “Four Gears of the
Trust Engine™”.

1. Authority.
One's position automatically comes with a degree of trust or mistrust,
dependent upon how the person views our predecessors.

This is based largely on our job title.  If our job title is manager, people will
judge us based on the experiences they've had with managers in the past.  
Good or bad, that level of trust is inferred to us.

2. Our products or services.
Trustworthiness of leaders is also determined by how they handle the
products and services assigned to them.  If they set high quality standards
and attempt to live up to them, they will gain the trust of those they
choose to lead.  The opposite is also true.

3. Business relationships.
Choosing to form alliances with people or companies seen as
untrustworthy will diminish the likelihood people will trust us.  Choosing
those same alliances with the utmost of care, focused on reputation,
others will trust us more.

4. Personal relationships.
Beyond the relationships we choose professionally, whom we choose to
spend our off-the-clock time has a direct impact on the way others view
our trustworthiness.

Once you recognize how these Four Gears of the Trust Engine™ drive
other’s trust in you, you will understand how trust is initially established.  
A great leader will assess this level of trust and immediately take the
appropriate actions to increase it.

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Four Gears of the
Trust Engine™
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