Stress in a major inhibitor to delivering great customer
service. When employees are stressing out their attitude is
impossible to hide from both internal and external

Here are some suggestions you can easily implement to
reduce workplace stress:

Increase lighting: A well-lit workplace, particularly if natural
lighting, will increase your employee’s outlook. Optimism
feeding hormones are released when lighting is bright and

Spread out: Do not overcrowd your employees. Cramped
surroundings send a subliminal message that employees
are not valued. It also provokes claustrophobic feelings,
which add stress. Provide as much space as possible to
each employee. Sometimes this is as easy as lowering the
walls of cubicles, other times work spaces will seem larger
if you simply unblock or un-tint windows (which also helps
brighten the office)

Plants: Spread live plants throughout the workplace as they
create calmness. Research shows that live plants provide a
sense of peacefulness. Make sure the plants stay well-
watered as wilting plants create more stress.

Job fit: Align an individual employee’s ability to handle
stress with the normal stress of each position -- the use of
employee of assessments is vital in this endeavor.

Sick pay benefits: Encourage employees to cut
absenteeism through programs that reward attendance.
Paying unused sick pay may increase
presenteeism, which
adds to stress, so finding the right balance between
encouraging healthy attendances while discouraging the
stress from an unexpected absence. Instead of paying
unused sick pay, consider is changing “sick time” to
“personal time-off” that can be scheduled in advance.

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