Manufacturers experience great benefits when they decide
to partner with the retailer customer. Not only do sales
typically increase, retailers are less likely to discontinue a
manufacturer or distributor that has partnered with them to
build business. This is a great way to increase sales and
profits for both partners if you follow the appropriate steps.

There is definitely a need to determine the synergies that will
be created with your customer. The retailer as a mechanism
to deliver a specific demographic within the supply chain. It
is therefore critical that you look at your products and
services and see how they align with the demographics of
the retailer’s customer. The matter how great your product if
you skip this step you will not achieve success.

Vision and objectives
Investigate the retailer’s current vision and both the short and
long term objectives they have. What do you have that would
help them achieve these objectives? They are likely have an
omni-channel vision that you will be able to support. Aligning
your partnership with their vision and objectives streamlines
the approval process. Regardless of how good your idea
may be if it is outside the scope of their business model they
are likely to reject or delay your proposal.

Support resources
Identify what resources or programs you have resources to
support and know what support you will need from the
customer. This is not a point of conversation initially. Rather
this is a topic to be worked through once a partnership
program has been accepted because it is only at this point
that the full scope of the partnership will be known.

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