These four keys of leadership reflect observations of Bob Thomas,
who worked exclusively with developmentally challenged
Read his story here.

Bob never said, “Rick, here is a leadership lesson for you.” Yet I
was able to cull some great aspects of leadership by observing his
style. I call them the keys to “respectful leadership”.

Speak to people on their level.
Bob knew the multi-syllable words of psychology and human
behavior far better than the average person. However he was able
to overcome the need to impress us with his knowledge. Instead
he related in a way that made him very easy to understand and
learn from.

Read situations for the appropriate action.
Bob understood when to be forceful and when to be quiet. His
actions were seldom obtrusive or understated.

Set aside personal problems.
Bob was fighting a difficult battle with cancer for many years. Aside
from some time off for medical tests and the sickness caused by
cancer treatment, his illness never interfered with Bob’s work when
he was on the job. The problems of those he worked with were
always more important than his own sickness.

Set aside personal gain.
Bob was able to fully focus on the needs of those he counseled
and worked along side effectively because he never focused on
his own career advanced. He did not have to ask himself how he
should react to a situation in order to score political points or to
position himself for the next position. He knew things of that nature
had a way of working out in the normal course of business life if he
simply focused on what was right.

This is an excerpt from “Life’s Leadership Lessons” a collection of
53 anecdotal leadership lessons, each with an anecdote and the
application of the topic in your everyday life. It is designed for use
in weekly staff meetings or for personal development.
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