How to set up an open-door policy
Connecting to employees is essential for contemporary
managers that want to fully engage employees in the vision
and mission of their organization. Employees must
completely trust their supervisors to have the best interests
of their career if they are to develop a relationship with the
supervisor and with the company. An important tool in
establishing this trust factor is to have a truly open-door

Many have tried to establish an open-door policy in their
corporate culture but without the three secrets of open-door
success they are not likely to see the results they covet.
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These three attributes become habit when the manager is
fully committed to the open-door policy. There are two times
these factors are the most critical. This is when manager is
new to the organization or when the open-door policy is first
being established an organization.

Once employees fully believe that the open-door policy is
truly one designed to improve their work-life you will see
communication across the entire organization generate a
superior employee morale – and more fully engaged
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