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4 myths
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Myth 1:
Leadership is a rare skill

There are many myths about leadership that can cause
people to question their ability to be a leader. This series
looks at the top four myths.

The first myth we will examine is the myth that
leadership is a
rare skill. It is, in fact, rather common. Every person has
innate leadership skills but unfortunately they fall into a state
of denying their leadership talent. Often it is because they
believe that leadership is akin to position.

Certainly, the head of a department in the workplace is in a
position of leadership. But leadership is not a positional
attribute. In reality many heads of departments fail to use
their leadership skills leaving their subordinates wondering
how they ever rose to such a high position.

In the book “
Life's leadership Lessons” chapter one tells the
story of Maria. She was an entry level cleaning lady that
demonstrated leadership everyday she was on the job. She
listened to her coworkers and acted on what she learned,
showed empathy toward all employees regardless of their
station, encouraged others and remained positive no matter
what the day brought.

Maria is not a rare or unique individual. She only uses the
leadership talents she has learned over the years to help
build a better workplace culture.

Leadership is not a rare skill. The rarity in only in how each
person uses their own talents.

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myth 2.

This is an excerpt from “Life’s Leadership Lessons” a
collection of 53 anecdotal leadership lessons, each with an
anecdote and the application of the topic in your everyday
life. Used by permission, it is designed for use in weekly
staff meetings or for personal development.