Millennials are looking to find a better job, get better health care, move to
a more exciting location, or simply get someone they would prefer to
work with. Over the next two years, according to a 2016 Fidelity

Managers and business owners place a tremendous amount of
importance on pay rates when it comes to employee engagement.
Surveys, however, reveal that other criteria have a bigger impact on
connecting an employee to a shared vision of the future of their
organization. At the top of the list is the category of work conditions.

This has been verified by countless surveys taking many different
approaches to the question. One survey disputing this myth was taken
by Sam Houston State University for the Texas State Teacher’s

As reported by
The Associated Press, more than 44% of Texas teachers
are considering changing careers. Of those contemplating leaving, 42%
cited poor working conditions while less than 20% said it was because
of pay. Considering that 25% of Texas teachers, who earn an average of
$47,545 annually, have a second job to supplement their income.

In many offices the work conditions can be improved by one of two
major, yet inexpensive, methods.

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