Here are three paths to better listening:

Listening is the art of multitasking.
Always listen with both your heart and your head. Networkers
are usually good about listening with their head, but skip the
heart part. This is the aspect of learning about the other
person from a level that will reveal if you can truly work
together and how they will relate to those to whom you refer

Empathy begins with listening.
Empathy is the ability to get into another person head and
better understand them. It is the key to long, strong
relationships, life-long customers regardless of price, and
knowing how you can provide true value within a business or
personal relationship. It starts by listening with your ears and
eyes. Do not focus on mere words. See the body language
that goes with the words.

Listening requires a response.
When you hear something surprising, funny, or tragic do not
discard it. Sure you may not know the perfect words to say
but saying nothing is even worse. A simple “I’m never knew
that” or “I’ll keep you in my prayers” or “Tell me more” are all
ways to show you are about more than just money.

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