An essential part of leading any organization is developing the
talent on a team. Do not think that your top talent underestimates
their value to your organization by taking them for granted. Top
performers know that they can take their skills and expertise to
other organizations, including your competitors. This is true in
good economies as well as in poor economies.

Therefore it is critical for a leader to understand how to cultivate
top talent so they are fully engaged with your organization’s goals
and visions. Consistently following these traits not only retains
your top talent but also grows them to be more essential part of
your team.

Here are the ten essential traits:
  1. Vision: Share your vision of good performance if you want
    to see great performance.
  2. Communication: When communicating with your direct
    reports don’t just hear what they’re saying, listen to their
    entire message.
  3. On the team: Never ask top talent to do something that
    you would not do yourself.
  4. Fairness: Always be as fair as possible.
  5. Recognition: Give recognition for exceptional
  6. Investigation: Never assume anything without asking.
  7. Manners: Yes, you’re the leader, but she still should say
    “please” and “please thank you”.
  8. Contribution: Always deliver more than you promise.
  9. Balance: You will have personal and professional
    problems from time to time – but never let it affect your
    interactions with any team member.
  10. Humanness: Maintain a sense of humor and humility at all

Great leaders do not look at their own accomplishments. Instead
they focus on the accomplishments of their individual team
members. This is not a total lack of self-interest but is instead a
complete focus on the interests of others with the full knowledge
that as others succeed they will also taste success.
10 leadership traits
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