The single most important attribute for leadership today is
empathy. Above all other skills empathy will lead to
employee engagement, customer retention, effective
marketing campaigns, higher-quality and a consistently
better financial statement.

Empathy is the ability to get yourself into the head of another
person to relate to their hopes and dreams, insecurities, the
problems distracting them from life as they choose to live it
and the solutions they perceive will connect them to

Once you are able to understand the thoughts and feelings
of others you stand a much better chance of satisfying the
needs they have for buying a product were continuing to give
their best efforts while working for you.

Empathy hinges on being able to make the other person feel
appreciated and secure in the relationship with you and in
their life in general. It is these two motivational factors that
are present in each person – the need for acceptance and
the need for security.

Unfortunately empathy cannot be easily learned. Often it
takes a personal situation that is filled with tragedy before
one can begin to understand how to empathize with others.
For example, someone who has lost a child or parent will
find comfort from others who have survived similar
situations. It is at these times they will see the true value of

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