Contributed by Rick Weaver

Six months ago I held the belief that someone should only
send or accept
LinkedIn connection invitations to former
colleagues. I was wrong.

The error in my thinking revealed itself while reading a news
release stating that LinkedIn had grown to 250 million
individuals worldwide. That meant that my 260 connections
represented only one in 10,000 members of the LinkedIn
community. Even when taking into account the extended
professional network I could still only see one of 1000. As
confident as I was in the quality of my network, there were
many more former associates and colleagues that were
invisible to me because I could not search outside of my
professional network.

It was at that point I set a goal to increase
my professional
network 25 million and today the goal was achieved.

Here’s how I did it.

1.        Let it be known that you will accept all invitations.

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