Having a recruiter find your LinkedIn page can be a
challenge. There are two overlooked features that when
used properly will increase the number of profile views you
have as you become more key word rich. Skills and
recommendations not only add keywords, they also allow
others to see the accomplishments you have had in past and
present positions.

Use keywords to select a minimum of five skills, or better yet
10 skills, for which you feel you can get your contacts to
provide endorsements. Then go to your existing contacts’
profile pages and start endorsing them for the skills you feel
they excel in. If you have quality contacts they will reciprocate
by endorsing you for your skills and you will see that the skills
section of your page will look much better.

The same holds true with recommendations. It is easy to
overlook the fact that you do not have any until you get your
first recommendation. However once you have the first
recommendation you need to get more to fill out horizontal
columns recommendations on your page.

Again, the best approach is to start recommending your
contacts. LinkedIn will do you a favor with each
recommendation that you send. Since a recommendation
will be on someone else's page LinkedIn's policy is to ask
the other person to approve your recommendation. Once
they agree to have your recommendation on their page you
will be asked by LinkedIn to give you a recommendation in
return. Soon you will see this portion of your page taking on
a very powerful look.

There is a simple rule of thumb at play here: the more you
give the more you will receive.

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