One of the keys to a LinkedIn Profile is that once you get
someone to it you need to quickly catch their attention and
retain their interest. The tool developed by LinkedIn to do
this is the summary portion of your profile page. Many make
a huge mistake with their summary thinking, possibly
because the profile looks so much like a printed resume,
that the summary should be a brief overview of their career.
As such they mistakenly write a paragraph with a few clichés
anticipated arrogant statements.


In order to keep the potential future customer or employer
interested in scrolling down your page you need to entice
them. Every novelist, marketer, and reporter knows they only
have a few sentences, translated into seconds, to capture a
reader so they engage the person’s interest with humor,
mystery, or some sort of compelling statement of a problem
or solution.

Using this thinking write your LinkedIn summary in a story-
telling format.

“When an insurance salesperson wrote to the St. Petersburg
Times about the boy selling newspapers in front of the Publix
Market across the street from his office, ‘Watch that boy,
he's going places,’ neither he nor I could have imagined
what that journey would be.” (
see the full summary here)

Isn’t this more interesting than the old “Accomplished
business executive with proven leadership yada, yada,
yada” statements?

When writing this opening my goal was to capture the
interest of someone that really cares about people and their
development. To this point it talks about a young paperboy
before his career even starts. It is a launching point to
additional summaries of each job in the resume portion of
the profile.

“The global marketplace caught my interest as a way to
provide protection from regional or national economic
downturns,” I write for one of my past positions, continuing
the novelistic approach. “Although the construction industry
seemed far removed from retail and manufacturer an
opportunity to meet this challenge became available.”

In the totality, the LinkedIn profile gives a mini-biography of
my career to date in such a way as to allow the reader to
understand me much deeper than they would comprehend
bullet points – if they had stayed on the page long enough to
get to the bullets.

Since adopting this approach profile views have increased
five-fold and contacts from the increased viewership has
been up nearly ten-fold. Part is due to the way key words can
more easily be added in this type of writing when using
LinkedIn’s keyword suggestions.

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